15MW biomass power plant steam boiler in india

15MW biomass power plant steam boiler in india
biomass power plant steam boiler
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15MW biomass power plant boiler in india 
15MW biomass power plant boiler in india
Details of 15MW biomass power plant boiler
Power plant biomass steam boiler rated 25mw is a new generation, which is designed by Tsinghua University: Zhengzhou Research Institution of Low Speed Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler. The boiler inherits the original technology advantages, at the same time, makes big breakthrough on the technology of cyclone fluidized combustion, vortex separation structure & parametric design, and loop seal.

Breakthrough Technological of Power plant biomass steam boiler rated 25mw
1.Breakthrough on cyclone separator structure design
Using the latest technology of double cyclone separation structure by Tsinghua University. After separated in the second cyclone, the material powder particles return to furnace for circulating combustion through the separate return system. The efficiency of separator increase to 10μ particle size, improve the boiler’s combustion efficiency.
2.Breakthrough on separator’s parametrization design
Using the result of latest experiment, redesign the parameter of separator, optimize the line and size of cyclone separator, the separate efficiency improved greatly.
3.Breakthrough on the technology of loop seal system
Using the hood ebullience fluidized integrate loop seal system, the situation of ebullience fluidized comes true. Manage the quantity of returned material by adjusting the height of fluidization, material return stably. Avoid difficult management on material back and the shortcoming of coking in material back system.
4.Breakthrough on the technology cyclone fluidized combustion
Based on the distribution of fluidized material in furnace, vortex-burners are placed inside, the fuel could implement vortex fluidized combustion circularly in the combustion chamber, and combustion efficiency increased.

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