45ton Biomass Power Plant Boiler Project in Costa Rica

45ton Biomass Power Plant Boiler Project in Costa Rica
Biomass Power Plant Boiler
45 ton
Steam supply

Costa Rica is a republic of Latin America. It is an agricultural country, and the tourism industry is also booming. The 45-ton biomass power plant boiler purchased from ZBG is mainly used to provide steam at refineries.
As the biomass fuel is a clean fuel with high combustion efficiency and low sulfur content, the biomass boiler is an advanced structure with good sealing performance and high thermal efficiency. Through scientific and rational design, the two have formed the best combination, becoming a truly efficient energy-saving and environmental protection boiler.
The boiler shall adopt double drum, monolayer arrangement, compact structure, as well as large heating surfaces which are more 10% than those of same kinds of products, featuring the following advantages such as sufficient output, safe and reliable operation ,short construction period, and low installation cost ect.

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