How to maintain the biomass fired boiler

Biomass fired boiler,compared with other industrial boilers,has significant advantages of environmental protection and energy conservation,however,it also needs proper maintenance to ensure its normal operation and prolong its service life,from the following aspects,some effective advice will be given by the engineers of Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd..
The careful inspection before the using of biomass fired boiler
Boiler is one kind of motivity equipment of heat energy and it has extensive use in the field of country economy,once an accident occurs,it will bring severe damage to people's lives and properties,therefore, the overhaul is the primary task before use.Before using,we should inspect that whether there is rust on the bare valves and bolts,whether the ash door and other auxiliary devices are complete and tight,whether the internal insulation layer of the biomass fired boiler is off.

The correct operation in the using of biomass fired boiler

It is vital to operate correctly in the using of biomass fired boiler,open the air & flue gas damper before ignition,after 10 minutes natural ventilation or 5 minutes mechanical ventilation,use wood or other flammables to ignite,the volatile oils is forbidden and the ignition speed cannot too fast,at the same time,monitor the change of instruments,and adjust the water level, steam pressure and combustion further to achieve the purpose of safe and economic operation.
The reasonable maintenance after the shutdown of biomass fired boiler
After the shutdown of biomass fired boiler,the interior and exterior walls all needs anti-corrosion maintenance, adhering to the principles of waterproofing, trapping, and adding protective agent.
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