What are the conditions for the full combustion of biomass boiler fuel?

What are the conditions for the full combustion of biomass boiler fuel?
What are the conditions for the full combustion of biomass boiler fuel?
Under the smog crisis in the country and the sharp increase in the price of ore fuel, the traditional coal-fired boilers have been criticized more and more. In order to alleviate the shadow of smog, fully recycle the agricultural and forestry straw waste in the countryside, environmentally friendly biomass. The boiler has become a hot product on the market and is a good helper for low carbon environmental protection.

The fuel of biomass boiler is biomass pellet fuel. This kind of fuel is mainly environmentally-friendly and energy-saving new fuel produced by processing wheat straw, corn stalk, rice straw, peanut shell, livestock waste and industrial waste. It is clean and pollution-free, especially When the fuel is fully burned, the economic benefits are even greater. Let’s introduce the conditions for the full combustion of biomass boiler fuel by Zhengzhou Boiler Co.,LTD.

1. Sufficient furnace temperature: The full combustion of biomass boiler fuel first needs the furnace temperature to meet the needs of fuel full combustion. The burning speed is proportional to the temperature. Under the premise of ensuring that the furnace is not slag, the furnace temperature is raised as much as possible.

2. Appropriate amount of air: If the air volume is too high, the furnace temperature will decrease, and the fuel will not be completely burned. If the air volume is insufficient, the combustion efficiency will be reduced, that is, the fuel will be wasted, and the smoke emission will increase.

3. Maintain a reasonable flame front position: The front edge of the biomass boiler flame should be located between the high-end grate and the middle grate, and the flame is well-filled on the grate.

4. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the biomass boiler fuel stays on the grate and in the furnace for a long time to ensure sufficient mixing of fuel and air.

ZBG biomass boiler solves the problems of ash accumulation and slagging in biomass combustion and heat exchange process, and can run stably for a long time. The emission of flue gas meets the relevant environmental standards of the country, and the carbon content of the ash is low, which can realize the comprehensive utilization of fly ash. It relieves the increasingly serious haze. In front of the high temperature superheater, the boiler is equipped with a flag heating surface to ensure the high temperature performance of the superheater, so that the superheater can operate stably in the harsh flue gas environment generated by the biomass.

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