Coffee Grounds Husk Biomass CFB Boiler

Coffee Grounds Husk Biomass CFB Boiler

Type: Steam Boiler
Capacity/Hot Power: 10 - 280t/h
Pressure: ≤9.81MPa
Fuel: Biomass Co-firing,Palm Shell,Cotton Stalk,Saw Dust,Coffee Grounds/Husk
Application: Power Plant

Brief Introduction

Biomass has low sulfur content, low nitrogen content, and generally low ash content in biomass, so the NOx and SO2 content and smoke content are low after full combustion. At the same time, CO2 generated by biomass combustion can be absorbed by plants and synthesize its own biomass, so it does not increase the content of CO2 in the atmosphere. Therefore, the biomass combustion process has the characteristics of zero CO2 emissions, which alleviates the increasingly serious “greenhouse effect”. It has special significance. Therefore, the development and utilization of biomass energy has broad prospects.

Features of Coffee Grounds/Husk Biomass CFB Boiler

1.The boiler fuel can be coffee grounds and, bagasse biomass particles, or can be produced using coal, with high thermal efficiency, low operating cost, long-term trouble-free operation, and low boiler dust emission concentration. With its light weight, low investment in infrastructure, shipment from the factory, small on-site installation workload, and short installation cycle, it has become a hot product in recent years.
2.Boiler adopts full steel floor type structure, saves the boiler fundation construction investment. The boiler has low heat inertia, pressure boost and air supply fast.
3.Hanging membrane wall furnace adopts avoidance, tight sealing and high heat transfer efficiency membrane wall, which has the best light tube furnace wall structure.
4.Adopts the structure of membrane type wall water cooling air chamber and a water cloth wind plate.
5.Heat resistant alloy cast steel column embedded counter flow windcap no leakage of ash, uniform air distribution, long time.
6.Cyclone separator with adiabatic national patent technology with membrane wall cooling ceiling and structure with a membrane type water cooling walls ceiling steering smoke chamber.


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