Cotton Stalk Biomass CFB Boiler

Cotton Stalk Biomass CFB Boiler

Type: Steam Boiler
Capacity/Hot Power: 10 - 280t/h
Pressure: ≤9.81MPa
Fuel: Biomass Co-firing,Palm Shell,Cotton Stalk,Saw Dust,Coffee Grounds/Husk
Application: Power Plant

Brief Introduction

Biomass energy is environmentally friendly and renewable, and it is the fourth largest energy source after coal, oil and natural gas. However, corn resources, rice husk and cotton stalk are very rich in many countries. Using it instead of or in part to replace coal-fired coal will not only bring substantial economic returns to enterprises, but also increase the income of the majority of farmers. On the other hand, biomass energy is a kind of clean and renewable energy, and CO2 emissions are close to zero. Therefore, the use of biomass energy plays an important role in protecting the environment, improving the ecology, and improving the living standards of farmers. So in many countries , cotton stalk biomass CFB boiler must be needed in our environmental friendly society.

Details and Advantages of Cotton Stalk Biomass CFB Boiler

1.Based on the existing circulating fluidized bed(CFB) boiler technology, our company has developed a biomass CFB boiler adapted to straw biomass to avoid or solve the problem of fouling and slagging in the process of biomass combustion and heat exchange. And can be long-term stable operation. The emission of flue gas meets the relevant national environmental protection standards. The low carbon content of ash residues can achieve comprehensive utilization of fly ash.
2.Low resistance and high separating efficiency of separator and center cylinder ensure high combustion efficiency
3.The technology of feeding device is adopted and the independent roots blower is equipped to provide wind so the power consumption is lowered
4.Low pressure fans used reduces the fan power consumption
5.Optimization of the secondary air and the vents flow rate reduces the head of fan’s secondary air pressure
6.Improved fuel crushing and screening system makes the size of coal particle conform to the designed requirements
7.Multi-tube box arrangement air preheater and low-temperature section adopts corrosion-resistant steel, which avoids the low-temperature corrosion


Power generation in thermal power plants, central heating, winter heating for urban residents


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