Distilled Grain Biomass Chain Grate Boiler

Distilled Grain Biomass Chain Grate Boiler

Type: Steam Boiler/Hot Water Boiler
Capacity/Hot Power: 6 - 25Ton / 4.2 - 17.5MW
Pressure: up to 1.6MPa
Fuel: Biomass Fuel,Wheat Stalk,Distilled Grain,Paddy Stalk
Application: Central Heating, Industrial Process Steam Supply

Brief Introduction

In recent years, with the strong demand for alcohol, strong growth in global ethanol production has led to a significant increase of distilled grain . Waste distilled grain takes up a lot of space, and the exhaust gas and waste water produced pollute the surrounding environment. Take the distilled grain as boiler fuel,the generated steam can be used in production engineering as well as power generation. The combustion ash can also be used as a raw material for the extraction of white carbon black as an additive for the rubber industry. In this way, distilled grain fired biomass chain grate boiler become more and more popular in the world.

Features of Distilled Grain Fired Biomass Chain Grate Boiler

(1)Insulated furnace structure in the lower part of the furnace
Because the distillers' grains have low calorific value and high water content, the adiabatic combustion temperature in the furnace is low. In order to ensure full combustion of the fuel, the lower insulation furnace is used in the design to reduce the heat absorption in the furnace, ensure the temperature of the combustion zone is good for the fuel to be  fired completely.
(2) Use  higher air preheating temperature
In order to increase the furnace temperature, meet the needs of dried distiller's grains and ensure the complete combustion of fuel.The air preheater is used during the design to ensure a high supply air temperature (about 160°C), and the feed air at the same time is the hot wind.
(2)The front arch pressure is low and lengthened, to make the coverage rate increase; the rear arch pressure is reduced and shortened to make the coverage reduce (compared with coal-fired boilers). Although the distillers' volatile content is relatively high, with the large moisture content, drying and preheating are required. Therefore, this design which is conducive to the burning of distilled grain.
(3) Add distilled grain feed inlet in the upper part of the front arch
Because the distiller's grains are light and fine, the calorific value is low, the amount of feed is large, only the hopper feed cannot satisfy the burning demand, and an additional feed port must be added. The feed inlet is located in the upper part of the front arch, which is conducive to the drying of the fuel during the falling process. It can catch fire when it falls on the grate.
(6)Add feed and feed air to the feed port. The distiller's grain has more water, and the broadcast wind and feed wind are added at the feed port to prevent the accumulation of distiller's grain.


Distiller's grain biomass boiler can be used as a heat source for centralized heating in cities and industrial and mining enterprises. The single machine can be used for heating of 300,000 to 400,000m2 of building area, and can also be used as a thermal power plant peak boiler to regulate the operation of urban heating networks. 


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