Coconut Shells Biomass Power Plant Boiler

Coconut Shells Biomass Power Plant Boiler

Type: Power Plant Boiler
Capacity/Hot Power: 10 - 75t/h
Pressure: ≤5.29MPa
Fuel: Coconut Shells, Rice Husk, Soya Stalk, Corn Cobs
Application: Thermal Power Plant

Brief Introduction

The coconut shell is the residue of the palm oil refining process and has long been abandoned. Until the use of coconut shells as a biomass fuel in a cement manufacturing plant in Malaysia, the coal combustion has caused heat. Today, many European countries, including factories in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Italy, began to attempt to supply the palm shell as a fuel material to reduce rising other fuel costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
In order to realize the total amount of pollutants control targets and reduce the emission of coal-burning pollutants, many domestic regions have restricted the use of coal-fired industrial boilers and have prohibited them from using them within certain limits. The above restrictions have led to the use of biomass boilers in some areas where coal-fired industrial boilers have been used, which has provided space for the development of biomass boilers and also promoted the development of biomass boiler technology.  A proper biomass power plant boiler must be important for the development of environment. Maybe the Coconut Shells Biomass Power Plant Boiler will be the good choice for many nations environment.

Advantages of Coconut Shells Biomass Power Plant Boiler

Biomass power plant boiler (chain grate type): equipped with blast blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, screw slag remover for mechanical extraction sediment, it is a high efficiency, energy saving and environmental boiler.
Biomass power plant boiler (corner tube type): the body adopts corner tube, self-supporting structure, simple but reliable. Fuel is spaying into the furnace, mixture combustion of “layer combustion and suspension combustion”, high combustion efficiency.
Biomass power plant boiler (CFB type): solving the slagging and scaling problems during biomass firing and heat exchanging, to realize long term stable operation. Low carbon content in the slag can achieve comprehensive utilization of the fly ash.


Used in large scale central heating, thermal power plant


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