Corn Cobs Biomass Power Plant Boiler

Corn Cobs Biomass Power Plant Boiler

Type: Steam Boiler
Capacity/Hot Power: 10 - 75t/h
Pressure: ≤5.29MPa
Fuel: Coconut Shells, Rice Husk, Soya Stalk, Corn Cobs
Application: Thermal Power Plant

Brief Introduction

Biomass  power plant boilers are used for the combustion of biomass fuels. They can also use pure coal or mixed coal and form biomass fuels to provide thermal energy or generate electricity. Biomass plant boiler is a good choice for the combustion of biomass fuel. It has a high heat capacity and provides sufficient preheating and drying heat source for biological waste. High thermal efficiency, slagging is not easy after fuel burnout, and the generation of harmful gases such as NOx and SOx is reduced, with significant economic and environmental benefits. Corn cobs biomass power plant boiler has become a very popular biomass power plant boiler in the world.

Features and Advantages of Corn Cobs Biomass Power Plant Boiler

1.The boiler shall adopt double drum, monolayer arrangement, compact structure, as well as large heating surfaces which are more 10% than those of same kinds of products, featuring the following advantages such as sufficient output, safe and reliable operation ,short construction period, and low installation cost ect.
2.The design of cyclone reburning chamber in furnace resulted in the decrease of dust contained in the flue gas .At the same time, incandescent carbon black particles shall burn further, enhancing the boiler thermal efficiency, and decreasing gas blackness ,as a result, the gas emission concentration shall meet the requirements of grade A environmental protection area.
3.The grate shall employ the technology patent of small roller structure, boundary grate and so on ,improving the operation reliability of the boiler.
4.Since the adoption of technology patent for the sealed wind chamber and bilateral grate air register, and the application of machining cone seal structure to grate adjusting air equipment, the sensitivity of the grate shall be improved.
5.The boiler was awarded the following titles: first class products of mechanical and electrical department, excellent energy-saving products promoted by state, excellent energy-saving products of Henan province.
6.According to the customers’ requirements, the layering burn device and other energy saving equipment, implemented in state, shall be matched.


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