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75 Tons Biomass CFB Boiler Has Exported to Germany

Time:2018-06-01 14:12:24

ZBG(Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd),a professional biomass boilers manufacture.In the past 50 years, our technology has improved a lot and the boilers all have good comments.
In the last month,we have a contract with a Germany customer about 70 Tons biomass CFB boiler. I will introduce to you about the 75 Tons biomass CFB boilers in detail.

Features of this 75 Tons Biomass CFB Boiler

1. The structure of the boiler is a single-pan-tube horizontal type with “π” arrangement.
2. Membrane water wall hanging furnace and separator inlet is membrane water-cooled flue.
3, Using easy-to-replace, low-resistance, do not pour gray bell-type hood.
4. Separator and center cylinder for technical improvements with low resistance and high separation efficiency.
5, Using patented technology of the feeding device and configure an independent roots blower fan to save power.
6, Using a low bed pressure operation.
7. Use a lower pressure head primary fan to reduce fan power consumption.
8. Optimized secondary air arrangement and nozzle flow rate to reduce the pressure of the secondary fan.
9. Improve the fuel crushing and screening system so that the coal particle size meets the design requirements.
10. The air preheater adopts multi-tank box arrangement, and the low temperature section adopts corrosion-resistant steel tubes to avoid the overall replacement caused by low-temperature corrosion.

Unique Design of 75 Tons Biomass CFB Boiler

1. Low-resistance, non-cast gray bell-type hood
The bell-type hood with unique anti-wear technology provides even resistance to wind and does not wear. Thoroughly solved the problem of ash falling from the wind cap and ensured the combustion efficiency of the boiler.
2, High flow rate, low power consumption automatically adjust the feeder
The use of a high-flow, low-resistance feedback device allows the use of a small electric power roots blower, which can save power for customers while ensuring safe and reliable operation of the cycle.
3, Low resistance, high efficiency cyclone separator
A new generation of ultra-efficient cyclones with improved technology has a d50 value of 12 microns and a d99 value of 100 microns. The separation efficiency exceeds 99.6% and the total resistance is less than 1100pa.
The circulatory combustion system consisting of a bell-type hood, an ultra-efficient cyclone separator, and a feed back device can achieve a reliable operation of wind pressure of 6-8KPa in the wind chamber, saving more than 30% of power consumption for customers. In the operating condition of low wind pressure, it saves more than 5% of power consumption.
With our customers expectation,ZBG will prove our strength to make more and more customers choose our boiler and trust us!
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