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Paddy Stalk Biomass Chain Grate Boiler

Paddy Stalk Biomass Chain Grate Boiler

Type: Steam Boiler/Hot Water Boiler
Capacity/Hot Power: 6 - 25Ton / 4.2 - 17.5MW
Pressure: up to 1.6MPa
Fuel: Biomass Fuel,Wheat Stalk,Distilled Grain,Paddy Stalk
Application: Central Heating, Industrial Process Steam Supply

  Brief Introduction

  Biomass is an ideal source of renewable energy. It has a wide range of sources and produced by a large amount of industrial, agricultural, and forestry waste every year. As a country that corncob, straw or the rice husks, etc., are very rich in renewable resources, replacing or partially replacing coal-fired coal with these renewable resources can bring substantial economic returns to the company. So the paddy stalk biomass chain grate boiler will become the most useful boiler for those countries.

  Boiler is an energy consumption product. Increasing the efficiency of the boiler and making it energy-efficient is an important direction for future development. Faced with the problem of energy shortage, according to the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection, the development of biomass fuel boilers has great potential.

  Advantages of Paddy Stalk Biomass Chain Grate Boiler:

  1.The structural design of the boiler is relatively large compared to the traditional boiler furnace space, and a very reasonable secondary air is arranged at the same time, which is beneficial to the full combustion of the biomass fuel.

  2.The membrane water wall structure is adopted on both sides of the hearth, which not only ensures the sealing of the hearth, but also improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

  3.With improved GEF special slag removal technology. The grate adopts a new type of small-scale grate fins to increase the unique safety ring. It completely solves the technical problems of grate plate detachment and effectively reduces the grate leakage, making the grate operation stable and reliable. Improves combustion efficiency.

  4.Automation, digital integrated controller, according to user settings automatically control the combustion conditions, the operation is simple and convenient, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, automatic cleaning.

  5.Safety: The use of high standards, high-quality auxiliary equipment, accessories and automatic control equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

  Application of Paddy Stalk Biomass Chain Grate Boiler

  Regional centralized power generation boilers use paddy stalk, rice husks, straw, sawdust, and agricultural and forestry wastes to generate electricity.

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